Unbelievable Tricks to Looking Younger

Getting older is inevitable. Looking old is not! It’s certainly possible to look younger. But how is it done? The answers are easier than you may think. These unbelievable tricks to looking younger will reveal your youthful side again!

Update your hairstyle. Haven’t changed your haircut since high school? You may look like you are stuck in a time warp, where only your face ages and hair remains the same. Changing up your haircut every couple of years is key to looking younger. The changes don’t have to be drastic. Something as simple as adding side swept bangs or face framing highlights can really erase the years.

Moisturize your way to soften, smoother skin. Adding moisture to your skin daily can prevent damage caused by a loss of oil production. But to truly make a difference and even repair current damage, you’ll need a powerful, effective anti aging moisturizer. Choose one fortified with retinol, natural ingredients and vitamins. These extras make your daily facial lotion an anti aging treatment not to be skipped.

Define your brows. Are your brows unruly or nearly invisible? They may be having an aging effect on your appearance. Think about it this way. Your brows not only show case your eyes but also define the upper half of your face. That’s a lot of work for a two sections of hair. If you have light colored brows, try shading them in with an eyebrow pencil. This pencil should be in a color one shade darker than your current hair color. If your brows are wild or lacking shape, visit a professional to have them arched and shaped. You can keep up the maintenance on your own by following a do-it-yourself-brow guide.

Try anti aging supplements. A supplement of collagen could be what your skin needs to go from loose to taut. Boost up Q10 levels with a daily supplement to add healthy oils. Antioxidants are also one of the most essential tricks to looking younger. The great thing about antioxidants is that they are best absorbed through skin toning fruits and vegetables. By adding high anti oxidant produce to your diet, you can fight damage from free radicals to the skin and eat nutritiously!


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