Xenical for Weight Loss – FAQ

What is Xenical?
Xenical is an oral weight loss medication. Xenical diet pills work by preventing the absorption of about 1/3 of consumed fat. This results in decreased caloric intake, having a positive effect on weight control.

Enzymes in your digestive system (lipases) help digest fat. When taking Xenical diet pills with your meal, the lipases are blocked from breaking down some of the fat you’ve eaten. Undigested fat cannot be absorbed by your body and is eliminated, reducing the calories you have consumed.

What forms of Xenical diet pills are there?
Xenical diet pilles are dark-blue, hard-gelatin capsules, with light-blue imprinting. The active ingredient in Xenical is orlistat. Each capsule contains 120mg of orlistat.

Xenical dosage
One capsule (120mg) is taken three times daily with each main meal – up to two hours after eating. There is no benefit to taking more than the recommended dose.

Are Xenical diet pills effective?
Data from multiple trials showed that weight loss averaged 12.4 lbs. to 13.4 lbs. in patients taking Xenical diet pills. 57% of treated patients lost over 5% of base-line body weight.

In international clinical studies with thousands of patients, most individuals using Xenical diet pills lost 10% of their initial body weight (on average) over 6-8 months.

Xenical diet pills are not a replacement for proper diet and exercise, but will help decrease the amount of calories your body absorbs. Xenical works best when you restrict fat intake and increase activity level.

Benefits of Xenical diet pills
Patients also may see a decrease in:
• high blood pressure
• amount of anti-diabetic medication needed (if diabetic)
• triglycerides
• body fat
• chance of developing type II diabetes

Who should take Xenical diet pills?
Xenical is for those who are truly obese (initial body mass index of 30kg/m2 or more; 27kg/m2 with other risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes or increased serum cholesterol).

Xenical diet pills should only be taken by those who have made a serious commitment to changing eating and exercise patterns. If you are obese, at risk for obesity-related diseases, and committed to losing weight through diet and exercise, then you are ready to start taking Xenical.

How quickly does Xenical work?
One clinical study showed weight loss attributed to Xenical as early as 2 weeks. In patients participating in a graded exercise program, weight loss may be seen sooner.

How long can I use Xenical diet pills?
Xenical has been shown to be safe up to two years of continuous use, so Xenical diet pills can become part of your long-term weight maintenance program. After you stop taking Xenical diet pills, if you start to regain weight, you can safely resume taking Xenical.

The importance of vitamin supplements
It is important to take vitamin supplements containing fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and D, plus E, K, and beta-carotene since Xenical has been shown to reduce absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins and beta-carotene. Take the supplement once a day 2 hours before or after a Xenical dose or at bedtime.

Do I take a capsule with every meal?
Xenical diet pills are not needed if your meal contains little fat (watch for hidden fats in foods). However, there is no harm in taking the capsule.

Can I eat more than 3 meals per day?
It is recommended that you eat several meals throughout the day. But, you should not take more than 3 Xenical diet pills per day.

What if I miss a capsule?
Nothing. Simply wait until your next meal.

Drug interactions with Xenical diet pills
Clinical studies show that Xenical doesn’t interact with commonly used medications. However, before starting Xenical it is essential that you inform us of all medications (prescription and non-prescription) that you currently take.

Cyclosporine users should take Xenical and cyclosporine at least 2 hours apart. If your cyclosporine levels are being measured, more frequent monitoring may be necessary.

Xenical side effects
Xenical has none of the side effects normally associated with diet pills that act on the brain, such as appetite suppressants.

Xenical’s side effects are gastrointestinal due to its action of blocking ingested fat digestion. Fat that is not absorbed remains in the intestine and becomes mixed with stool. Increased fat in stool can cause:
• gas (flatulence) – sometimes with oily spotting
• increased frequency of bowel movements
• fatty/oily stool

This will vary from person to person and depends upon fat consumption. Side effects can occur within hours of eating up to two days later. These side effects usually occur early in treatment, last for a short period, and disappear over time. Importantly, you can control the effects based on fat intake. The fat you eat, not the Xenical, causes the events.

Following the recommended daily fat grams (below) can reduce Xenical side effects and help you lose weight.

Your Daily Caloric Intake Recommended Daily Fat Grams
1500 50g
1600 53g
1800 60g
2000 67g

Can I become addicted to Xenical diet pills?
Since Xenical is not absorbed into the blood stream, physiological dependence does not occur. However, psychological dependence can become a rare problem.

Can I overdose on Xenical diet pills?
There have been no cases of Xenical overdosing. In experiments, patients taking doses of Xenical diet pills many times over the recommended dose experienced no ill effects. Taking more Xenical gives no extra benefit. The recommended dosage is three capsules per day.

Who should not take Xenical diet pills?
Those with consistent problems absorbing food (chronic malabsorption), gallbladder problems, pregnant or breastfeeding, or allergic to orlistat or the inactive ingredients in Xenical, should not take Xenical. Read more at hotcanadianpharmacy.com

Additional questions?
Your safety is our utmost concern. If you have additional questions about Xenical diet pills, we suggest you contact your physician or email us at patient-care@myprivatedrugstore.com.

Buy Xenical diet pills online?
If you have seen your doctor and feel comfortable ordering weight loss pills online, find your Xenical dosage and quantity in the chart above and click on “Buy Xenical” to order from our secure server.


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